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  • KUSH Herbal Incense Blend

    It's the old school herbal incense, Kush Herbal Incense, the high potency blend. JWH FREE! LEGAL in all USA States! On Sale - $ 38.95

    Kush Herbal Incense Blend
  • DaBomb Herbal Incense Blend

    A mighty Herbal Blast! DaBomb Herbal Incense aroma's is 2 times as strong as other herbal incense blends. Synthetic & JWH Free! On Sale - $ 32.95

    DaBomb Herbal Incense Blend
  • Blue Genie Herbal Incense Blend

    Blue Genie Herbal Potpourri Blend, release the magical enchanting incense aroma. It's just Supernatural! On Sale - $ 36.95

    Genie Herbal Incense Blend
  • Rasta Daze Herbal Blend

    Com on now, get happy mon. The spiritual incense that creates a unique delight that peeks for long time. Legal in USA & Jamaica! On Sale - $ 35.95

    Rasta Daze Potpourri Incense Blend
  • Dank Herbal Incense Blend

    Not for the weak ! Listed as being close to the aroma as "Barely Legal", also same herbal spice blend and scent. LEGAL in all 50 US States! On Sale - $ 39.95

    Dank Herbal Herbal Incense Blend
  • Voodoo Herbal Incense Blend

    Voodoo Daddy The Wicked Herbal Potpourri Incense. The original cannabinoid free and 100% organic, all natural herbal blend. On Sale - $ 38.95

    Voodoo Herbal Incense
  • Planet X Herbal Incense Blend

    Now you can Go Boldly where no man has gone before, Far Out! No JWH Synthetic. Legal on every planet in the milky way system! On Sale - $ 38.95

    Planet X Herbal Incense Blend
  • Big Bang Herbal Incense Blend

    It's a BANG from this Herbal Potpourri Blend. A Cannabinoid FREE Formula, No Synthetics! LEGAL in all USA States! On Sale - $ 38.95

    Big Bang Herbal Incense Potpourri
  • MeltDown Herbal Blend

    The super relaxing herbal incense, not your average herbal potpourri aroma! Take a break & CHILL OUT! USA States Legal Incense! On Sale - $ 36.95

    MeltDown Herbal Potpourri Blend
  • Heat Herbal Incense Potpourri

    The ultimate sensual aroma sensation, an aphrodisiac herbal incense, increase your sexual desires! LEGAL in all USA States! On Sale - $ 39.95

    Heat Herbal Potpourri Incense
  • DaBuzz Herbal Potpourri Blend

    From the makers of DaBomb Incense, a TRIP where no man has gone before! JWH & Cannabinoid FREE! LEGAL in all 50 USA States! On Sale - $ 33.95

    DaBuzz Herbal Potpourri Blend
  • Red Planet Herbal Blend

    The Blend That's Cosmic!! Out of Sight! We Mean Really Far Out! Synthetic-Cannabinoid Free! LEGAL in all 50 US States! On Sale - $ 39.95

    Red Planet Herbal Incense
  • Red Leaf Incense Potpourri

    Potent Chinese herbal incense formula. Based on very old Chinese archeological discoveries from the Western Han dynasty. On Sale - $ 42.95

    Red Leaf Herbal Incense Blend
  • Genie Blueberry Incense Blend

    Release the Genie again, the relaxing sensation in a blueberry herbal incense. If you like the original Genie Blend, you'll love this! On Sale - $ 38.95

    Blueberry Herbal Incense Blend
  • Blast Off Herbal Incense Blend

    Get ready to Blast Off! You'll in for a ride for your life! No Synthetics, Cannabinoid FREE! LEGAL in all USA States! On Sale - $ 36.95

    Blast Off Herbal Incense Blend
  • Genie Strawberry Incense Blend

    The Genie is back again, the new relaxing sensation in a strawberry incense. If you like the original Genie Incense, you'll love this one! On Sale - $ 38.95

    Strawberry Herbal Incense
  • Rocket Fuel Incense Potpourri

    The blend that'll take you to another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. LEGAL BLEND in all 50 US States! On Sale - $ 39.95

    Rocket Fuel Potpourri Herbal Incense
  • Warp Speed Herbal Potpourri

    The powerfully stimulating incense that's just what you want to reach the high speeds needed for intergalactic travel. On Sale - $ 39.95

    Warp Speed Potpourri Incense
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    What Herbal Incense

    Many people out there are asking, "What is Herbal Incense?" Herbal incense is the latest in relaxing herbs that can help you to relax and unwind after a busy day in the rat race. The number of incense products out there can be dizzying, and what exactly is in your incense blend can be a matter of concern for some. You as the consumer need to be wary of which brands truly contain....